COVID-19 News Release 03/18/2020

Clinton County Health Department is confirming a third case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Clinton County. None of these cases involved international travel. The health department is urging residents to continue to practice social distancing, utilize frequent handwashing, avoid touching the face with hands and to report any respiratory symptoms, fever and/or cough to their primary care physician.

Health Department Administrator, Sean Eifert, is reminding residents to visit and for a wealth of information regarding how to minimize the risk of spreading this illness. “We are working very closely with EMA, the county board, sheriff’s department, HSHS St. Joseph’s as well as HSHS Medical Group, local mayors and municipalities to ensure the best coordinated effort to maintain the health and safety of all our residents.” Eifert said this afternoon.

The most recent two residents who tested positive were both females, one in her 60’s and one in her late 20’s. No additional information can be provided, other than both have been extremely cooperative, are self-quarantined and seem to be doing well.