Please Note: Single Day Events DO NOT REQUIRE a permit. Temporary Food Permits are for events lasting 2-14 days. Please pay any applicable fees using GovPay upon submission of your application.

Application for Permit to Operate a Temporary Food Establishment

Application for Permit to Operate a Temporary Food Establishment


Vendor Information

For day of Event

Food Preparation

Food shall be prepared on site or in a facility pre-approved by this department. Food shall not be prepared in residential kitchen facilities.
If food will be transported to the event
If foods will be cooked and cooled before the event, applicant must describe their cooling and reheating procedures.

Certified Food Protection Managers

If any Certified Food Protection Managers (Not Required) will be present on site, please list their information.


The Temporary Food Permit fee is $30.00 for each food service stand for a 2-14 day event.
Single Day events are exempt.
No Charge for non-profit religious, voluntary or community service organizations.
To assure permit processing, please submit permit application and payment at least 3 weeks before the event. There will be a late fee of $15.00 in addition to the permit fee if you are not licensed before the event, as well as a required cessation of food service operations until a permit is issued.
Select all that Apply
If Applicable

Checklist for Safe Food Handling

Please check each box below to verify you have read each action.
A hand washing station View Illustration or a sink (not in a restroom) will be provided. Either must be within 20 feet of the place where food is being handled. Either must have potable running water, soap in a dispenser and paper towels. Note: Potable water supply must have spigot to allow water to flow freely and hands free - no push buttons allowed.
A stem thermometer will be available for checking the temperature of host food and a thermometer will be placed in all cold holding equipment.
Food will only be prepared on-site or at an off-site location approved in advance of the event by the Clinton County Health Department. There will be no home preparation of food.
Cold food will be kept at 41 degrees or less while in storage.
Hot food will be kept at 135 degrees or more after cooking.
All food preparation, cooking, service, and equipment will be under a tent or roof. The preparation, cooking and service areas will have floors, walls and the use of fans constructed in a way that prevents the entrance of insects. All mobile units will have screens and/or working air curtains (fans) at all open windows and doors.
Three pans will be provided (or a three compartment sink) to wash, rinse and sanitize food handling utensils and equipment. Utensils and Equipment will be air dried.
A bucket or spray bottle container sanitizer solution will be provided to sanitize food preparation counters.
Gloves will be worn by all people handling ready-to-eat food. Raw animal food will be stored and handled separately.


I have read the checklist above for safe food handling and agree to implement these practices at the temporary event. Application is hereby made for a Permit to operate a Temporary Food Establishment within Clinton County, Illinois. By this Application it is agreed that the vendor will comply with the provisions of the Illinois Food Code and the Clinton County Food Service Sanitation Code. It is further agreed that said food establishment shall be open to inspection by the Clinton County Health Department during hours of preparation and operation.