The Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP) provides education, case management and specific screening and diagnostic services for women who meet program guidelines as a means to improve community health status associated with the incidence and mortality linked to breast and cervical cancers.

Goals of the Program: Enroll eligible women into program for free services that include: a Clinical Breast Exam (CBE), pelvic exam & PAP test, HPV test, and mammograms, according to program guidelines.

Who is eligible/or possibly eligible:

  • Uninsured/Under-insured/High Insurance Deductible/High Risk Factors
  • Women ages 21 – 64 (21-64 for cervical services, 40-64 for breast services)
  • Women already diagnosed with cancer may also qualify for assistance with treatment
  • Residents of St. Clair, Clay, Clinton, Fayette, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Marion, Washington and Wayne counties


How do I apply?

  • To enroll in IBCCP, women can call the Women’s Health Line 888-522-1282 (800-547-0466 TTY). The Women’s Health Line will be able to walk women through the eligibility requirements and the screening process.
  • Women also can contact their local IBCCP agency (St. Clair County Health Department) and schedule an appointment.
  • If you are a medical provider and your client has no insurance and is diagnosed with breast and/or cervical cancer or a precancerous cervical condition and appears to be IBCCP eligible, or if you are a woman diagnosed with breast and/or cervical cancer who may qualify for treatment, at no cost to you, please download this Application and Consent Form.




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