Environmental Health Forms

Food Permit Applications

Note:  Food permits will be emailed, look for an email from HealthSpace Cloud Print in your inbox or spam/junk folder.  Permit holders must print and post their food permit in a location in the food establishment that is visible to the public.

Cottage Food Operations

Cottage Food Operators are required to register annually with the Clinton County Health Department before selling food products to the public. Cottage Food Operators must follow regulations outlined in the Illinois Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act.  Currently, there is no fee to register with the Clinton County Health Department.

Sewage Forms

  • Private Sewage Disposal System Information Packet:
    • Instructions for obtaining a Private Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit
    • Private Sewage Disposal System Application
    • EPA, NPDES General Permit Information and Release Form
    • Septic System Do’s and Don’ts
    • Maintenance of Aeration Units
    • List of Licensed Private Sewage Installation Contractors
    • List of Septic Tank Manufacturers and Aeration Unit Dealers
    • List of Licensed Private Sewage Pumpers
    • List of Certified Professional Soil Classifiers

Water Supply Forms

Complaint Forms

Other Forms

Medical Reserve Corp

Maternal and Child Health Forms