Solid Waste

Solid waste nuisance conditions may result in the spread of disease and can endanger the safety, health, comfort and well-being of the public.  The Health Department assists with enforcement of the County Nuisance Ordinance in unincorporated areas.  Investigations are handled on a complaint basis only.  Complaints must be made in writing on forms provided by the Health Department.  All complaints are confidential.

Nuisance complaints for properties located within a municipality fall under the jurisdiction of the municipal government in which it resides in. Please refer these complaints to the appropriate city hall.


Fortunately, most towns in Clinton County have some type of recycling service offered through a solid waste sanitation company.  Residents that live in unincorporated areas that have no recycling services can bring their recycling to several local recycling centers.

Please view the resource links below for other recycling centers in the metroeast area accepting a wide range of recyclable items.  Household hazardous waste is not accepted by recycling centers; view the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Madison County website links below for disposal information and collection events.




Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

US Environmental Protection Agency
Reducing Wasted Food At Home | US EPA

Cornell University
Small Scale or Backyard Composting – Cornell Waste Management Institute

Madison County Illinois, Recycling Resource List
County Recycling Events (

St. Clair County Illinois, Recycling Directory

Clinton County Nuisance Ordinance
County’s Ordinances, Chapter 25, Articles I – IV