Food Protection Overview

The Clinton County Health Department strives to maintain a good working relationship with food service establishment owners and operators to ensure a high standard of food service sanitation and protect the public from contracting foodborne illnesses.  All food service establishments within Clinton County must possess a valid food service permit and are routinely inspected to ensure that Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code and FDA Food Code requirements are being followed.  Temporary food service stands operating for two to fourteen days for a single event must apply for and obtain a food permit up to three weeks prior to the event and are then inspected during the event.

Construction of new, remodeled or converted food service establishments are required to complete a Plan Review Application and submit building plans with specifications to the Health Department for approval prior to construction. Establishments closed for more than 90 days or have a change of ownership are required to contact the Health Department and schedule a pre-operational inspection prior to opening and issuance of a food permit.

Food related complaints and reports of illegal home kitchen operations (see description below) are investigated and handled in a confidential manner and can be filed through our online complaint form.  Foodborne illness investigations are also conducted by the Health Department.  Contact the Health Department if you have foodborne illness symptoms and suspect the cause was from food eaten or purchased at a food service establishment.  Please contact your health care provider if you are having severe symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, severe nausea and vomiting or a high fever.

A Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) must be on duty whenever food is prepared or cooked in a Category I (high risk) and Category II (medium risk) food service establishments.  All other food establishment workers who are not a CFPM must complete a Food Handler Training Course within 30 days after employment.

Bake sales as fundraisers do not require a food permit from the Health Department but are restricted to non-potentially hazardous baked goods. A person who produces or packages a non-potentially hazardous baked good in their home for sale by a religious, charitable or nonprofit organization for fundraising purposes is allowed.  Guidelines for Bake Sales as Fundraisers.

Home Kitchen Operations are NOT permitted by the Clinton County Health Department.  Any person cooking and preparing food or baked goods in their home for retail sale or food service to the public is in violation of the County and State Food Service Sanitation Codes and should be reported to the Health Department.  Municipalities that have adopted and enforce an ordinance authorizing home kitchen operations may allow for the preparation and sale of only non-potentially hazardous baked goods directly to consumers.

ATTENTION:  Latex Glove Ban for Food Establishments, Effective January 1, 2023.


Food Permit Applications

Note:  Food permits will be emailed, look for an email from HealthSpace Cloud Print in your inbox or spam/junk folder.  Permit holders must print and post their food permit in a location in the food establishment that is visible to the public.

Cottage Food Operations

Cottage Food Operators are required to register annually with the Clinton County Health Department before selling food products to the public. Cottage Food Operators must follow regulations outlined in the Illinois Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act.  Currently, there is no fee to register with the Clinton County Health Department.

Farmer’s Markets



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