Private Sewage Disposal Overview

The Clinton County Private Sewage Code is under the control of the Health Department to prevent the transmission of disease organisms, environmental contamination, and nuisances resulting from the improper handling, storage, transportation and disposal of sewage from private sewage disposal systems.

A permit from the Clinton County Health Department is required to install, replace or modify a private sewage system prior to construction. The Health Department must receive a completed application, supplementary documents and fee prior to issuing a sewage permit.  Sewage permits are valid for twelve months and must be obtained before County Zoning issues a building construction permit.  Only Licensed Private Sewage Disposal Installation Contractors or the property owner may install a private sewage disposal system.  An inspection of the sewage system is conducted during installation prior to covering to ensure Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code requirements are being met.

Private Sewage Disposal Installation Contractors and Pumpers must be licensed with the Illinois Department of Public Health and registered with the Clinton County Health Department.

Complaints of failing sewage systems are investigated and corrected.

Subdivision Plats are reviewed and approved for the use of private sewage disposal systems.



  • Private Sewage Disposal System Information Packet:
    • Instructions for obtaining a Private Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit
    • Private Sewage Disposal System Application
    • EPA, NPDES General Permit Information and Release Form
    • Septic System Do’s and Don’ts
    • Maintenance of Aeration Units
    • List of Licensed Private Sewage Installation Contractors
    • List of Septic Tank Manufacturers and Aeration Unit Dealers
    • List of Licensed Private Sewage Pumpers
    • List of Certified Professional Soil Classifiers



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